‣ For a cTnl POC test to be accepted in the clinical practice, high precision quantification at low analyte concentrations is necessary.

‣ To date NO commercial POC tests have been able to demonstrate the recommended criterion for cTnl.

‣ Currently NO hs-cTn assay on a POC device has been appropriately validated to justify routine clinical use.

‣ Current POC assays are either conventional or sensitive assays. Therefore, the second sample should be taken at 3–6 hours depending on the assay specifics.

‣ Detection method employed is the most fundamental elements of a POC plaform.

‣ We have combined immunoassay technology with ECL technique to produce a new generation of high sensitive and powerful POC Testing for the determination of the cTnI at the Femto Gramm (fg= 10-15 g) level;

‣ The short assay time and microliter assay volume of capillary blood required by the device opens up a broad range of other opportunities for sensitive and precise testing in demanding point-of-care environments, including the ambulance, hospital, physician’s office and the home of patients.